Signposts for Understanding Your Pet’s Blood Work

When you’re feeling lost or turned around, a familiar signpost can help you find your bearings. The same can be said about reading your pet’s blood work. Without any previous knowledge, your pet’s test results are nothing more than acronyms and numbers on a page—but with some basic information, you can recognize specific values and [...]

What Happens to My Pet During Anesthesia?

Your pet has been due for their dental cleaning for some time, but you’ve been putting it off because you’re worried about anesthesia. However, your furry pal’s breath is so rancid, you are avoiding their kisses, and you know their inflamed gums must be painful. But, the day of their dental cleaning has arrived, and [...]

Pet Heat Safety FAQs

Question: Can my pet get sunburned? Answer: Yes! Your pet can be sunburned on any exposed skin, including their nose, ears, muzzle, eyelids, and belly. And, like people, burned pets can develop skin cancer. Pets with light-colored coats who have fair skin under their fur, pets with thin coats, and hairless breeds are also at [...]

Rules for Traveling with Your Pet

As a pet owner, you likely want your furry pal to tag along wherever you go, from a trip through a drive-thru to a cross-country adventure. However, taking pets on a major traveling expedition can be stressful. Some pets may take to jet-setting without a hitch, but all pets will benefit from careful planning when [...]

6 Questions to Ask When Considering Pet Health Insurance

Your pet is a family member, and when they are sick, you want to ensure they receive the best care, but veterinary care can be costly. Because of their financial situation, pet owners must often make heart-wrenching treatment decisions that are distressing for everyone, including our Emerald Animal Hospital care team. Fortunately, pet health insurance [...]

Avoid These Common Puppy-Raising Mistakes

Puppies! There may be nothing in the world that can match their combination of cuteness, innocence, and evil genius. And while we could easily label their undesirable behaviors as acts of “stubbornness” or “defiance,” many puppy behavior problems stem from their owner’s poor communication, inconsistency, or impatience. Before you blame your puppy, take a look [...]

Hidden Dangers: Common Pet Toxins Inside Your Home

Pets have a nose for trouble, whether they mistake an item for food, or find some place that simply looks fun to explore. However, this curiosity can be dangerous if they run across a toxin. Your home, garage, and yard are full of potential hazards for your furry pal. Read on to discover what toxins [...]

Is My Pet a Petri Dish? Conditions You Can Catch From Your Pet

Do you raise an eyebrow when your Collie coughs, or your Siamese lets out a tiny sneeze? Do recent worldwide events have you questioning whether every little action is a potential contagion? Although many diseases are capable of animal to human (i.e., zoonotic) transmission, you’ll be relieved to know that few are of serious concern. [...]

Preventive Care Guidelines: 5 Ways to Lengthen Your Pet’s Life

We all want our pets to live as long as possible, but we often overlook the simplest ways to add healthy years. Preventive care plays a major role in extending your pet’s lifespan by getting ahead of problems before they start, or slowing their progression. Emerald Animal Hospital believes a proactive approach to your pet’s [...]

Four Places Parasites Lurk Year-Round

It only takes one. One mosquito bite to infect your pet with worms that grow inside their heart and lungs. One flea bite to inflict suffering with an allergic reaction. One tick bite that could result in a deadly tick-borne disease. Veterinarians across the United States stand in unison about the most effective treatment against [...]

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